( EGYPTAL ) design team provides consultancy service at every stage for the costumer to know about the available quality systems the company can offer. Utmost attention is paid to design individual units to suit the demanding taste and requirements of the customers.

With a team of highly experienced professionals in operation and management, EGYPTAL strives for the highest quality in manufacturing and the complete satisfaction of the customer

  • All sections profiles are made of extruded aluminum alloys free of defects impairing strength or appearance.
  • Aluminum alloy is , T5 that has an ultimate tensile strength of 15 gm/ mm2.
  • Hardness ( BRINELL ) of (60 Kgm Lmm2 ), according to British standard ( BS 1474 ) and Egyptian standard 
    ( ES1752 ) PARTS 1,2, 3.




  • Avery special drainage system is provided for rain and cleaning water.
  • All corners are mechanically joined using heavy aluminum angles and special glue.. 
  • Stainless steel screws are used for hardware fixation..
  • Hinged doors windows are provided with three gaskets to prevent air dust infiltration help in sound insulation too.


These gaskets are

  1. Central gaskets
  2. Lateral gaskets
  3. Glass beading gaskets
  • Sliding doors & windows are provided with glass beading rubber gasket, heavy duty brushes and central dust plug..
  • All rubber gaskets are made of vulcanized pure neoprene ( E.P.D.M ).
  • Silicone is used to seal the glass into the sash from the outside.



All profiles are powdered coated electrostatically.



  • Very high qualities of European made accessories are used on all EGYPTAL products. These outstanding accessories give a large choice to select the suitable way of opening such as Turn Tilt, Tilt Slide, Pivoted, Folding .Etc..
  • You can get up locking points all around the frame perimeter, thus to ensure complete tightness and security.
  • Heavy duty Nylon Rollers with Needle- Bearings are used for sliding windows, thus to enable the smooth movement of large sliding sashes.



  • No sub-frames needed, due to the design of EGYPTAL heavyweight aluminum frames it can be fixed directly on concrete and / or plastered walls without any subframs.



  • All aluminum systems performance requirements comply with ( BS 6365 Part 1 ) 
    and DIN ( 18055, 4108 , 4109 ).

AIR INFILTERATION A pressure difference of 200 Pa.

WATER PENETRATION No water leakage attesting pressure 550 Pa  (N/M2 )

THERAMAL INSULATION Maintain DIN 4108 requirements

SOUND INSULATION Maintain DIN (4109 ) sound proofing requirements.




Powder coating are the ideal way to combine individual color creation and good resistance to environmental influences.




Surface preparation prior to powder coating is an essential step to ensure proper coating performance. The methods for preparing the surface are varied, mechanical preparation, chemical preparation and conversion coating.



A very important point for the use of powder coating is the metal pretreatment. In many instances, the right chemical pre-treatment is the guarantee for a solid adhesion of the film to the metallic surface.



Resistance to Weathering


  • Natural Weathering Florida Test: No chalking excellent gloss retention and color stability after one year exposure at an angle of 45 % to south.



  • Accelerated Test : Q.U.V Accelerated Weathering Test: ASTM G53-84 Excellent gloss and color Stability.

Resistance to Water of Condensation

  • Humidity test: DIN 50047 / BS3900F2 No blistering or loss of adhesion after 1000 hours.

  • Salt Spray Resistance: DIN 50014 /85 6494 No blistering or loss of adhesion after 1000 hours.

  • Mortar Resistance: ASTMC 207 After 24 hours at specific condition, mortar is easily removed from the coating, resulting neither in loss of adhesion nor in surface marring.


Technical properties for powder coating on Aluminum


Film thickness  

  •  DIN 53 151/ISO 2360
  • ( 60 TO90 MICRONS )


  • DIN  53 151/ISO 2409
  • Cross –cut Test:
  • Cross hatch rating ( G T O ) 100% adhesion


  •  Bend Test DIN 53 152 / ISO151
  • Conical mandrel: No cracks appear at narrow areas.
  •  Cylindrical Mandrel: Passes 4mm Mandrel diameter
  •  Ericksen cupping Test: Minimum 6mm, without film cracking.

Impact Resistance

  • Falling Ball test: ASTM D 2794
  • More than 20 pounds / inch

Film Hardness

  • DIN 53 153 /ISO 2815
  • Indentation Resistance Test:
  • According to Buchholz 80-115